About Us

This page is about US.

Welcome to New Era of Digital World!

Team LCE is a digital media company with over 14+ years of experience in video production, live webcasting, social media streaming and Satellite 2 Social Streaming and Many More.

Seamless Streaming

Thanks to our custom tailor made streaming technology, we can provide seamless streaming according to your needs.

15+ Experience

With 15+ experience in broadcast and digital media industry, you can ensure yourself that you are getting best in class service.

Dedicated Team

We have special dedicated team for each of our services which are specialized in their field to provide world class service with affordable prices.


Our Mission has always been


We have always been committed to provide you top-notch quality of services like you never experienced before.


We provide honest upfront pricing to our clients. We never cut corners or try to oversell and always provide genuine pricing.


We are committed to provide qualified and trained professionals to all our clients to  make sure their work is completed with highest quality.

What we want?

We are always wanting you to make correct decision about your events and its been one of  reasons of our company, we have special due process for each requirement our client sends.


Our new clients this year!


Experience in Digital World!

A bit of our extra works on our blog


What we do, What our services are, whatever we do, We post it here and we would love if you give some of your time to our website and see our works and remember our work for your future events and work.


Need Help?

Is there anything we can help you and make your event sealmess and GREAT?